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How do you do....it? Thread, Displaying A Sign-On Agreement in Technical; I am trying to get a replacement for our sign on agreement/AUP up and running. I can't seem to get ...
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    Displaying A Sign-On Agreement

    I am trying to get a replacement for our sign on agreement/AUP up and running. I can't seem to get it to work and I am wondering what I am missing. I have attached a saved report from the OU where this is supposed to work from [Students OU]

    I have created the GPO, edited it, applied it, used GPOUpdate /force, waited and restarted the workstation. The logon message does not appear despite several attempts/station restarts. What have I missed?

    [Event log does not help here as I can't find an entry referring to my GPO either working or not having worked]


    Edit: After creating this post I thought again and the idea occurred to me that perhaps someone here might have a better solution.

    Possible solution: A script that runs at user logon and prevents access to programs until the terms have been read and accepted. If the user does not agree the script logs them off and records the event in a text file [I am aware that there is an Edugeek AUP however as I understand it this uses ASP server side. This would be a problem for me as I have never successfully configured any applications which rely on ASP technologies]

    Thanks again.
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