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How do you do....it? Thread, Redirected Start Menu in Technical; Hi Guys, We redirect all users start menus to \server\Start Menu. If a program is only installed on lets say ...
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    Redirected Start Menu

    Hi Guys,

    We redirect all users start menus to \\server\Start Menu. If a program is only installed on lets say 30 machines is there a way that the shortcut for that program only appears on the machines that it is installed on. So machines it is not installed on it doesn't show as a missing link?


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    The way I do it here (May be better ways but...) Is have a folder on the local machine with shortcuts to programs specific to that machine. This folder is stored in C:\ and named the same on all machines. I then have a shortcut in the network start menu to C:\localfolder. It's a bit of a work around but works here as we don't have many 'per machine' programs.

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    Currently using Windows 7 / 2008 I have a group policy preference that applies \\server\group1\startmenu to the Common Start Menu, and using targetting to apply that to an OU within the AD structure.

    Before this we used an environment variable called "Location", which applied it to \\server\%location%\startmenu, I did the same with the desktop.
    But I much prefer the way it works in GPP.

    It does mean you end up with duplicated shortcuts on a per room / group basis.

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