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How do you do....it? Thread, Canteen and Kitchen networks in Technical; We have decided to stage a hostile take over of the kitchen and canteen network as no one supports them ...
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    Canteen and Kitchen networks

    We have decided to stage a hostile take over of the kitchen and canteen network as no one supports them but we get calls from all sorts of companies and LEA departments asking can we just do x or y as we are on site which were hesitant to do as we have no clue about their setup.

    So I have gone in and the system is all there with hardware so we don't need a new one. They have one desktop in an office as the system server and then POS terminals that are really XP jobbies. One school of thought is to re-image all the terminals as our network machines so they are standard with everything else, the other is to try and keep them as much as standard as possible to not confuse the kitchen staff and so there is less in the way of the POS software.

    How do others have their kitchen systems on their network?

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    Totally seperate, with a seperate internet connection. The setup is usually fairly standard - server type desktop with POS terminals pointing to it, one little switch connecting the lot.

    Not much can really go wrong!

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    Same network. Touch-screen POS terminals running XP with software to connect to the biometric system we have (IMPACT).

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    We have a server in the office with 6/7 terminals around various parts of the school - running the Cunningham's cashless catering with the Biometric scanning. Not a lot really goes wrong with it and if it does i just ring them up and they dial in using Logmein and they fix it normally pretty quickly.

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