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How do you do....it? Thread, Non-qualified teachers "teaching" - State Secondary School in Technical; Hi All, I have a slightly strange question to ask, hoping a colleague on here will be able to advise ...
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    Non-qualified teachers "teaching" - State Secondary School

    Hi All,

    I have a slightly strange question to ask, hoping a colleague on here will be able to advise and has maybe already undertaken something similar themselves.

    What I would like to know is the legal position (for the individual AND for the school) of a non-qualified teacher "teaching" when both they and the school are happy for it to happen/continue?

    To summarise heavily, I have undertaken similar myself previously. I come from a solely technical / training background, and have no direct interest in re-training to become a qualified teacher.... but I am happy to "teach" elements of/full courses of IT if it is asked of me and fits alongside other responsibilities etc.

    The actual enquiry above is relating to a friend of mine in a different school, with almost exactly the same scenario I described above, though slighly less established etc. Answers will however satisfy my own curiosity and possibly influence whether I accept future requests myself too!

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    You would not be a teacher as you have not completed QTS/NQT years or have a previous exemption (eg you started teacher before present rules came in). You would be classified as an instructor. Www.teachernet.gov.UK has more information about this, as do the various teaching unions.
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    6. Who does the law allow to teach?

    From 1 September 2008 the following people can do 'specified work' (the way that the law describes usual teaching activity) in maintained schools or non-maintained special schools in England:

    * teachers with QTS
    * trainee teachers on mainstream or employment based routes to QTS
    * OTTs who have worked here for less than four years since the first date they did so
    * instructors (as defined in section 7 below)
    * staff employed to assist or support the work of anyone falling within one of the categories above (subject to their having the necessary skills and being supervised and directed by a qualified teacher).

    All new FE teachers appointed after1 September 2007 (and many existing FE teachers) will now be following the new FE QTLS (Qualified Teacher: Learning and Skills) qualifications pathway. Teachers in schools who hold QTS will be required to undertake appropriate CPD to teach in FE. This will enable them to achieve the FE QTLS award. The FE sector is introducing a requirement that FE teachers must evidence their core skills. Further information is available on the following websites:

    * Lifelong Learning UK
    * Standards for Verification UK
    * Institute for Learning

    7. Instructors

    Instructors are 'unqualified teachers' who the law allows to carry out the same duties as qualified teachers. Instructors can be employed:

    * to give instruction in any art or skill or in any subject or group of subjects (including any form of vocational training), where special qualifications or experience or both are required, in order to give such instruction
    * if the school or local authority is satisfied that he/she has the necessary special qualifications or experience or both to do the job
    * if there is no suitable qualified teacher, graduate teacher, registered teacher or teacher on the employment-based teacher training scheme available for such appointment or to give such instruction
    * only for such period that no suitable qualified teacher, graduate teacher, registered or teacher on an employment based teacher training scheme is available.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list but examples of instructors might include:

    * a linguist or an interpreter as an instructor to teach one or more foreign languages
    * an artist to teach art
    * a musician to teach music
    * a carpenter to teach woodwork
    * an actor to teach drama.

    Instructor posts should only be offered for as long as there is no qualified teacher or person on an employment based route to QTS available to supply those skills or qualifications.

    Taken from Teachernet, Guide to QTS


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    Huge thanks to GrumbleDook and Plexer!!
    This may be a very short thread, as you appear to have answered the question perfectly and even given links - amazingly quick assistance, thank you!
    (To tie things up nicely, I would definitely meet the requirements of an 'Instructor' with my background and school situation, my friend would meet the personal aspect, but I don't know a great deal about the school)

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