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How do you do....it? Thread, Office 2010 PD Training in Technical; Been asked to do a training session for the admin/support staff (secretaries etc) on office 2010 (word/excel/ppt) Has anyone done ...
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    Office 2010 PD Training

    Been asked to do a training session for the admin/support staff (secretaries etc) on office 2010 (word/excel/ppt)

    Has anyone done anything like this yet and has any nice docs they wouldnt mind sharing?

    What areas would you suggest to cover? Ive got an hour, and that needs to include hands on training as well..

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    Microsoft offer a lot of "basic" Office 2010 training materials (Training - Microsoft Office). Could you use or adapt some of those?

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    thank you for that link really helpful

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    When I went through 2007 a few years back the broad points I covered were:

    • The Office Button (a.k.a. “Where the hell is the File menu?”)
    • Introduction to the concepts behind the new super-toolbar, the “Ribbon”.
    • Demonstration of new features (Live Preview, context-sensitive elements).
    • A couple of tips & tricks

    The key thing was convincing the staff that a) they aren't as stupid as they claim they are, and b) all you really have to do with the ribbon is unlearn where all the menus have been for 10 years and actually think about where they would be categorised on the ribon. It's amazing how much easier people find it when they actually think!

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