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How do you do....it? Thread, How Do I Move iTunes Music From Mac to PC............. in Technical; ........but I have already taken it off the mac and put it on an external Hard Drive. Now I need ...
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    How Do I Move iTunes Music From Mac to PC.............

    ........but I have already taken it off the mac and put it on an external Hard Drive. Now I need to transfer this onto a new laptop with Windows 7 Home 64 Bit?

    I also have movie files etc on the hard drive which I would like to transfer over to the PC?

    Somebody Please Help!!!!

    A Very Confused Chris

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    Ensure iTunes is completely closed down - dont worry about services running in the background

    Copy the itunes folder into the relevant place on the windows 7 machine - on xp it used to be

    x:\documents and settings\%username%\My Documents\My Music\iTunes

    Where x is the drive letter ( presumably the C Drive )

    On windows 7 I think its just inside the users folder ( might have to disable hidden files / folders so that you can see all hidden directories etc possibly )

    Once you have done that launch itunes - point it to the new iTunes library file ( in the root of the itunes folder you copied over there should be a library xml file or something similiar ) and if you point itunes to use this library file it should allow you to use your PC - you will have to use your own iTunes login credentials to Authorise your PC to use your iTunes media and allow your PC as another Device and then it should be good to go.


    As per the article though you want to autherize the computer, not de authorize ( so in your case you would go to store --> Authorise This Computer )

    More mac related there is this article


    PC side should be similar aside from obviously the menus are some what different in iTunes to get to preferences etc through the edit menu instead of going to the iTunes menu.
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