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How do you do....it? Thread, netbook cant find domain using wireless in Technical; we all do it little miss glad its fixed...
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    we all do it little miss

    glad its fixed

  2. Thanks to round2it from:

    Little-Miss (12th November 2010)

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    On a similar vein, but not the sa,e solution as little-miss, I just set up some Samsung N130's, set them up using wireless and though all was OK, but then found when used in anger that quite a few would not find the domain when logging on. Came down to the fact that I had left the manufacturers software on even though using windows to connect (as mentioned earlier in the thread) and it was delaying the initialisation of the wirless. Took it off and just installed the driver only and hey presto, connection each time :-) One to watch out for there. Don't know why Ive not come accross that before as I 've set up must be 60 odd other netbooks? May now just go back when I have chance and do the same to the others. May be the cure to the odd ones which don't connect to the domain when logging on. Was never a major problem before, after this lets hope its not a problem again! Hope to soon move to Ruckus eventually with some of the schools over this next year.

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