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How do you do....it? Thread, Print Monitoring and Limiting in Technical; you can make a msi out of the papercut client with some tweaking i think. I assume the reason for ...
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    you can make a msi out of the papercut client with some tweaking i think.
    I assume the reason for the lack of msi, regardless of how easy it can make life is simply because running the client software from the network share means when new client software is released there will be no extra admin as users will simply access the network share and be using the latest files all the time.
    As for documentation being better, i hate reading manuals my self but having configured papercut a few times the manual and online kb contained everything i needed but i expect my install wasnt as advanced as most here.

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    We us papercut here, and I just used some VB script to copy the client program to all my workstations at startup. As we have a lot of wireless laptops, 20 or 30 of them all trying to run the client from the network share at login was causing a bit of a bottleneck. It does cause a little bit of an issue when they upgrade it, but with a little tweaking of the script I get it to compare the .exe file and to re-copy the client files if there's a newer version on the server.

    I've found papercut to be very intuative to use, and needed to read very little of its documentation to get it working. We've gone quite far with its implementation here, we have release queues for the students to print, no more that 3 copies of a doucment, restrictions on printing the same document within 60 seconds (to stop people bypassing the 3 copies rule) and a rule to stop un-saved work being printed (To make sure students save their work before printing) We also use print credits for staff and students and we are quite strict with these limits, only handing out extra credit when it's absolutely necessary. Took a bit of getting used to for the staff, and taken us a while to get the formula right for the amount of credits we hand out, but we slashed out toner useage from about £14k in the year before it's introduction to around just 5k last year, a massive saving. (Some of that was also due in part to scrapping pretty much all our inkjet printers at the same time.)

    The only non-restricted staff members are Admin, because of the mailmerge letters they do, and senior management who have restrictions on what they can print, but no credit limit on the account. Even we have the same limits as everyone else, although we hardly print anything.

    All in all it works very well.
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