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How do you do....it? Thread, Network Office Risk Assessments (How do you do it?) in Technical; We have just gone through an LCC safety audit and one of the things pointed out is the lack of ...
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    Post Network Office Risk Assessments (How do you do it?)

    We have just gone through an LCC safety audit and one of the things pointed out is the lack of risk assessment done for the jobs done in the network office. I was hoping some one could show me an example of there risk assessment form and how in practice it works. I'm getting the feeling it would be almost impossible to do our day to day job filling a form for every job we do, especial when collared in corridor and choose to fix the thing there and then. "Sorry hold on, before i fix your computer i just need to fill in this 10page risk assessment" a bit hyperbole but we (here) just need to get into that sort of mind set, and starting with a basic form for jobs done in office, once basic jobs are files we can refer to them.

    So what i guess i'm hoping to get is a sample network office risk assessment pdf and how you use it day to day, please, thank you very much

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    There are a couple of approaches to this and there are various H&E trained bods here who can give you some very specific advice.

    I would start with the following though ...

    Have a look at the following 5 steps on the HSE site Risk management: Five steps to risk assessment
    The examples / case studies gives you an idea about how the steps can be applied, and there are some parallels with the motor vehicle workshop, cleaning and factory maintenance work.

    Identify common risks ... things to do with the physical environment (space, storage, trip hazards), look at specific items which generate risk (COSHH, electrical safety), look at how people work in the environment (temperature, deskspace, desk position, consideration for disabilities, etc) and then how it affects anyone who comes into your area who does not normally work there.

    You can generate some standard stuff about how you keep things safe when working on machines in classrooms, there should already be H&S stuff about moving kit / boxes about the school anyway and there should be stuff to do with electrical safety that applies to all.

    Most important ... apply common sense throughout, but don't presume every has enough common sense. You will still need to consider that even though you have a sign on the door say "don't come in" and a pile of kit propped up next to the door that will fall on someone should they walk through ... well ... let's just say we know the sign is not always enough.

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