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    Sharing a dual monitor with two pc's and 2 users

    I donít know if there is such a thing or if this is possible but i would be a fantastic idea if you could make this happen. here goes ..

    I'm sitting at my desk with my colleague next to me when i find a really good web site. I say "eh fred look at this" I then drag the browser on to my second monitor where fred then can move his mouse to the second monitor and picks up the window and drags it back to his monitor for him to look at.

    this would be so cool !! is this possible !! ????

    Many Thanks

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    Not drag the browser but you can setup Synergy which can use the mouse across both screens and also copy and paste between them - so you could open it that way.

    I have it running for access from my windows machine to linux one on my desk

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    So, you drag it from your monitor 1 to your monitor 2 and then fred drags it from your monitor 2 to his monitor 1?

    Just go to tinyurl.com and say hey fred check out tinyurl.com/abcde12345


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fontayne56 View Post
    is this possible !! ????
    Sure. Xwindows under Linux now supports multiple input devices and monitors, so you can have one reasonably beefy machine run a desktop accros three (or more) screens, with two keyboards and mice. At the moment each user would be able to drag things around all three screens, which could get a tad annoying if you keep on pinching Fred's windows, so some way of limiting hich mouse cursors can go where would be nice. There's no reason why you couldn't run Windows, either - simply have Server 2008 R2 running as a virtual machine on the same hardware and running Terminal Services.

    David Hicks

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