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How do you do....it? Thread, Laptops and pen drives in Technical; I'm curious to hear if anyone else has attempted this.... I'm thinking of abolishing the whole idea of every staff ...
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    Laptops and pen drives

    I'm curious to hear if anyone else has attempted this....

    I'm thinking of abolishing the whole idea of every staff member with a laptop AND stopping pen drives from coming back and forth from school, using the methods HAP+ has enabled me to do, or will eventually enable me to do, combined with the abilities of terminal services RemoteApp i can't see any reason why people would need these things.

    I'm thinking of sending around a questionaire, just a simple web one for all staff to fill in containing the following questions:

    Is your laptop used in school?
    Is your laptop used at home?
    Do you have a home PC with access to the internet?
    Do you have up to date antivirus?
    What programs do you use at home on your laptop that you also use in school (for example: Easiteach)?

    And from that i'll try to weigh up whether it is a viable option to ditch staff laptops, it'd save a shed load of money and support time.

    Pen drives are only a maybe at the moment, perhaps they could still be allowed as a last resort in situations where by someones internet connection has gone down so they couldnt do all the lovely remote stuff.

    Am i mad? Have you done this? Are you thinkin of doing this?

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    I'd agree with the laptops bit but I think it maybe overkill to abolish memory sticks, even though we're tryin to encourage people here to use our Talmos (VLE). They say it takes too long to download documents and they have to work on multiple documents etc... mostly their excuses a crap, just so they can use their portable drives and their flash drives.

    Unfortunately here, I'm not the boss but if I was I'd stop staff laptops because mroe than half of the staff don't use their laptops in school at all and when asked to bring them in to be updated we get a meagre response at best. Most laptops have software on such as Football Manager, 3D screensavers etc... Personally this is incorrect usage and demonstrates to me that if their children are using their laptops at home or they themselves are installing software willy nilly, then they have no work to do at home therefore negating the need for a laptop.


    In summary, yes get rid of laptops but I'd think a bit more carefully about the memory sticks.

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