Having cracked deploying Windows 7 desktops and recalcitrant laptops. Created adult users with slim policies and few restrictions. I now face the nightmare task of creating pupil users. The previous profile/policy has stood in good stead since Windows '95, transferring almost seamlessly through W2K to XP. But now Windows 7 is a completely other kettle of fish. There appear to be so many things that need to be restricted I really don't know where to start.

I know that I can redirect documents (along with Music, Pictures and Video), but do I also redirect Start Menu and if so to where? What about AppData and the like? Will the whole thing break if I send them to different places on the server?

Would people like to share their experiences? What have you done or not done? Ideally I would like just one mandatory pupil profile so that any changes only have to be done once in one place. Is that possible? Help!!!