Hi all!

New to forum, very impressed with the content so far

I have been looking into software deployment options for awhile now and I have come across something that looks promising but cant find what the software was called that was used to make it.

Basically while at one of the schools I support I found a folder in NETLOGON called espresso (presumably left ages ago when espresso first setup the schools content delivery system) which contained some automated installers for Java, Flash and Acrobat Reader. The files were .exe's with a green icon featuring a large white capital H.

When you run the exe a dialogue box appears called "Espresso Autiomated Installation" with the package name and an option to "cancel script".

The original software installer for (java in this example) appears and proceeds to click through automatically without user input required, licenses are excepted and paths specified.

This looks like a great tool with huge potential. I don't think that it is proprietary espresso software as I have seen this same green with a white H icon before from other companies.

Any pointers would be great, thanks in advance