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How do you do....it? Thread, Merging two email accounts help in Technical; Hi Everyone I've come back into one of my schools today and have met the new head teacher. She is ...
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    Merging two email accounts help

    Hi Everyone

    I've come back into one of my schools today and have met the new head teacher. She is known as an executive head and looks after two schools, splitting her time between the two.

    She has an email address for each school, which she would like to receive in one logon. I'm wondering how I could do this?

    I've already thought about forwarding all her emails from one account to the other and then setting up a filter to push all the emails directed to the one domain into a folder with the same name. I can see one problem with doing it, that when an email gets sent to a blanket area, which would include both heads addresses, then both emails would get filtered into the Folder.

    It seems like it could get confusing. I was wondering if you could think of any other ideas?

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    Is it two different mail systems? If so, what kind are they?

    Is there any link between the domains in question (trust etc).

    What environment does she read mail in?

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    These are the approaches that I've used:

    The auto-forwarding solution that you have suggested (or using an email alias which is effectively the same thing)

    Googlemail: Create an account and let it manage emails from both schools - the HT can then colour code according to which email account the emails were sent to, send from either email address... I use it to manage my various school and home email accounts and it's great.

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