Hey all, yet again:

We're looking for an email archive / search tool that will integrate with our Exchange 2003 box. We've demoed some units and like the Datacove that we saw, but the initial cost + support averages $9,000 / yr over the life of the unit.

I feel that I should be able to do something open source to accomplish the same, for significantly less cost.

I would need an application or device that does the following:
1. Email recovery - if an Exchange user deletes an email from their deleted items box, I need to be able to recover it. If users can do their own, bonus.
2. Email search - for attorney cases, we need to be able to search 7+ years of email for a student name or for various teacher names during specified time frames - basically a search feature with "normal" search abilities
3. The ability to get the resulting emails from the search in 2 either printed or emailed in some readable format for use in court, attorney review, etc.

Currently our Exchange server is using ~300 GB for email storage going back for the required 7 years, so we're not talking TB of data here.

Any ideas? I can't believe this has never been done.

As an aside, I'm currently running mail relays that filter emails coming into our district with Ubuntu/Postfix/SpamAssassin (etc) that relay to Exchange - I don't currently do anything with internal to internal email but it would have to be something this email archiver takes into account.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Damian Bailey