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How do you do....it? Thread, Ensure laptops get updated during the summer? in Technical; So, Its that time of the month again. As everyone knows with windows, Windows updates are the 1st line of ...
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    Ensure laptops get updated during the summer?

    So, Its that time of the month again.
    As everyone knows with windows, Windows updates are the 1st line of defence in maintaining a secure system (especially when laptops are outside the network at home for upto 6 weeks.)

    Keeping laptops up to date within your own policy and procedures is the easiest thing during term time. (Update tuesday comes, Test on VM, approve for install with a deadline 1 week later, followed by a quick email to staff outlining the proccess and what will happen if they dont update their laptops by X)

    Obviously this system breaks down when the summer holidays come. anyone have a system in place for getting Window updates out to staff laptops? would it be simple enough to give WSUS external access for 6 weeks of the year? any security issues doing so?

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    IIRC you can't make WSUS available externally - it's a violation of your licensing agreement. You could allow staff to VPN in and grab patches though.

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    Have it fall back to web updates if it can't reach WSUS: Configuring fallback for updates

    But then you can't control what is and isn't updated.

    Wait: that might only be for forefront malware updates, I didn't fully read it before I posted that.
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