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How do you do....it? Thread, batch photo printing to exact "size" in Technical; Trying to print a load of staff photos at 3.7cm x 4.8cm to fit in a frame and am having ...
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    batch photo printing to exact "size"

    Trying to print a load of staff photos at 3.7cm x 4.8cm to fit in a frame and am having a nightmare cropping or resizing them if i create a canvas the exact size in elements then squash the photo to size it's pixelated and most of the batch cropping tools make the photos really odd sizes. help!

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    Use batch conversion in Irfanview to process them to the required size.

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    If they are photographers photo's on digital I use Microsoft office picture manager and select all to resize, I deselect the odd one where it goes a bit ski-wiff!

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    You've got a couple of issues here I think.

    First, the image size you are working with may not (probably doesn't) match the aspect ratio of the crop size you are trying to fit the image too. There's probably some maths teachers out here that can remind us how to work out the relevant aspect ratios but I'm a part time photographer, not genius. trying to fit the wrong size image into a different ratio "frame" can lead to distortion of the image. This I think is what's happening on your batch process tool.

    The second problem you have is that most basic photo editing packages have to resample images when you scale them. Some will do this the second you release the crop handles which is probably why you are seeing the pixelation. E.G. If you shrink an A4 image to A5, it'll look ok, but try and resize it back to A4 and it'll be all pixelated and wrong. (You can get round this in CS3/4/5 by making it a "smart object" but i don't know if elements has this. You mention the size you are trying to fit which isn't huge, but are the images big enough? 3.7cm x 4.8cm = approx 1.48"x1.92" At 72dpi (screen res), that equates to 106.5 * 138 pixels. Check in elements the image size of the original photo's. I'd be surprised if they weren't but if they have been compressed they may not fit.

    Thinking your problem through, What might be happening, is that when you create your exact size canvasses in elements, it's creating the document at 240dpi or 300dpi. If the image is 72dpi, which it probably will be is there may not enough pixels to fill the canvass. (1.48"x1.92" at 300dpi is 444x576 pixels)

    I can give you a walk through in photoshop, but I don't know elements enough to offer you one using this package. Tell me, when you select the crop tool, in the task bar for the tool controls, do you have the option to set the dpi and crop size?

    Also how many images are we talking about?


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