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How do you do....it? Thread, VPN in Technical; Hi Guys this is an area alien to me, and if I explain what the request is then it may ...
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    Hi Guys this is an area alien to me, and if I explain what the request is then it may help in pointing in the right direction.

    I have a friend who runs a business and her office pc is win xp (pro I think - need to check). She will shortly be going on to maternity leave and I suggested remote access so she could access her folders from home on a xp pro laptop.

    I have never ventured into VPN yet, but understand its simple if the host pc has a static IP from the ISP. I do not know yet if this is the case so I will presume that it has a dynamic IP address. I need something that is simple to set up and even simpler to use. My last call out to the office was to resolve an internet connection issue and I found a usb cable stuck in the ethernet port sheesh.

    I have used teamviewer as a remote access and understand that can VPN as well. Has anyone any experience with using it?


    Andy T

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    A VPN is overkill for one user, remote access like Logmein would be more friendly I think.

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    Yep, I'd suggest logmein too - and it's free (for most features). I used to manage four sites remotely to great effect.


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