im having problems with the toshiba re-rite software we have, its an OCR pice of software for converting paper documents to word, excel, pdf3 and other document formats.

my problem is that when i try to scan multiple pages from the same document at the same time to the word output folder it will generate a sub folder that then contains the scanned tiff files.

the files within the sub folder gets converted as i expected but to PDF3 instead of word, it looks like PDF3 is the default document type when it cant fine the config.cfg file within the folder.

has anyone used the software and know how to either

a) get the config.cfg file to propogate down to the created subfolders
b) get the toshiba re-rite to find the first config.cfg file within the folder tree structure
c) get the photocopier to not create the subfolder and dump the tiff images in to the top word folder

thanks for any help