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How do you do....it? Thread, Time sheets / hourly techs in Technical; Hey all, Our HR requires that our hourly techs submit timesheets for pay, which is fine. However, I'm noticing some ...
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    Question Time sheets / hourly techs

    Hey all,

    Our HR requires that our hourly techs submit timesheets for pay, which is fine. However, I'm noticing some issues with time worked vs time logged. One example of this is time spent out at lunch.

    A manual time clock is a solution to fix this issue; however, many of our techs start in different locations, making the enforcement of the manual time clock an issue. We don't currently have anything we can tie to badges or anything similar (like some hospitals in our area use).

    Has anyone run into this, and have an electronic way to fix this issue? I'd like it to be something I can electronically run a timesheet off of, and of course free would be ideal.

    All of our sites are connected via networking, so it wouldn't have to be something that was ran via the web.

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    Back in the days of yore when I had to clock in and out (not in a school), I also had to keep a manual time sheet so my time could be cross-charged. If I was in the office, you pulled the clock key out when you went to lunch and shoved it back in on your return.

    Wherever we worked, we had to log what we on a paper sheet each day with actual times and the task, e.g.
    9.00am....9.15am......Printer maintenance
    9.15am....11am.........Database maintenance (project xxx)
    11am.......11.15am....Coffee Break
    11.15am...12.30pm...Database maintenance (project yyy)

    If there was a gap on the sheet you weren't paid for the time!

    Googling "attendance timeclock freeware" brings up a few more modern solutions!

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