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    Cool Profile Migration Application - ProfWizz

    Hey Everybody!

    I come across this tool today which i think some of you will find VERY useful especially from an End-user Satisfaction point of view.

    Do you ever get asked when moving from a new network, upgrading your domain or re-installing a broken domain weather the user is going to loose all of their personal profile settings?

    Do you then spend hours transferring these to the new profile afterwards? And then still finding that something has been missed /or you can't migrate certain things?

    Well, It appears there is a solution for this and from what i saw today it works a DREAM! in fact it made my life so much easier!

    User Profile Wizard from ForensiT is available FREE to download from: Download

    Instructions: Download

    All you do is literally logon as ANY user, run the application and put in your NEW "NetBios" Domain Name with the "Username" of the account you wish to migrate. Make sure the Tick Box to join the new domain is also checked and it will do that for you also and then in the next step you select the local profile which you wish to create and then click next it will ask you to authenticate with a "Domain Admin" account so you can add it on the domain during the migration and then select restart at the end and logon with that user and there you have it everything as it was (they won't even know you have changed anything!)

    Although, one thing to bear in mind is this when you have complete the steps and logged back on to get the outlook settings as they were (i.e. Email Address History) then you have to go to

    Control Panel > Mail > Remove Profile > Create Profile (making sure it's exactly the same name as the one you removed) > follow email account wizard as usual

    and Done! - I know that history is something everyone HATES! to loose so make sure you remember that one

    So there you go, great piece of software and i think personally a lot of people will find this very helpful if they don’t already know about it. Especially for those staff that moan about it and a company for example whom has staff who have ALOT of personal settings.

    Hope it helps; any problems just give me a shout!


    *NOTE: It is only free for Personal Use... Business etc. would have to purchase the software but WELL WORTH THE BUY!

    Costs: £36.00 for 25 Licences (Minimum of 25 Licences)

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    Looks interesting.

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