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How do you do....it? Thread, Producing the School Calendar in Technical; We produce a booklet here for each term that lists all the school events, sports, lectures etc (maybe it's just ...
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    Producing the School Calendar

    We produce a booklet here for each term that lists all the school events, sports, lectures etc (maybe it's just an independt school thing). Ultimatly it's a list. Days are listed then each event on that day is listed.

    I have finally mamanged to get them to use an electronic shared calendar in our E-mail system rather than writing things on a board outside the Dept Head's office.

    The previous system was people wrote on the Dept Head's board, then one of our secretaries typed it all up and produced the calendar. This was then printed in draft form to be checked, amendments made and then retyped then sent to printers.

    The new system is (should be) that staff enter the information in the calendar in the correct fields. We then have a checking phase. The list is then exported to excel, delete any unwanted columns and then sent to the printers who will prodice the calendar. The spreadsheet is also uploaded to our VLE and school website.

    The problem is that apparently having a list printed from excel or viewing the calendar on screen isn't "Transparent" enough and people cant "get a feel for the term". Despite the fact that the original method of looking at the calendar was looking at a list, just formatted differently.

    So what procedure do you use for creating a published calendar? Do you use any particular software? Ho do you do it?

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    We use a google calendar. Password protected and non-public so only staff can access it and add items. Can be accessed anywhere via the web so teachers a can view/add details at home.
    Can be printed/saved as a PDF file.

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