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2 computers (we use laptops), a length of wire, cable making tools, user has to complete a file transfer from one computer to the other, we usually use an ISO of office. Or if you don't want them to make a cable have two, a straight patch and a x patch, then they will just need to spot the difference.

They would then have to set up the IPs etc and share the folder and transfer the file. simple....
Why give them such a meaning less practical 'test' as wire some cat 5?

I've worked in in edu IT now for 5 years or so and never *had* to make my own cable! If anything if I was asked to do that at an interview - I would do it of course - but at the back of my mind I would be concerned that the school would be right for me!

In fact I'd probably tell you to stuff the cat5 up your jacksy and assess my practical skills in something that I would be doing on a daily basis - supporting apps - Office-IE-Macromedia-CAD, WSUS, AD admin, network security and most importantly test my communication and inter-personal skills!

I've always said practical tests are VERY LIMITED in their use. Nothing can replace being a good interviewer who can spot when someone is blagging and when someone is 'right'.

I didn't get the highest mark in the written test for my current post - but I still got the job because I came across best at the interview and, of course, I had the experience and ability to the job.

All of the above of course is IMHO
To go back to the topic and the question that was asked, That is one of the things I have done as a test, not the entire interview, just part of a process. It isn't a pass or fail, just so I could see how the person worked, As mentioned by others I would be in the room chatting and giving pointers.

The test isn't to wire a patch 5 cable, its to transfer a file using the supplied materials. the point is to see if they know what to do, as regards making the cable some people on the interview just say "sorry don't know how to do it, we just buy one when we want one" others make one without questioning, and others ask for the colour sequence of the cables.

As I said, this forms part of the process, and was given in response to the original question