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Not in our experience. We've had a managed Ricoh / Equitrac Express 3 solution for the last four years. While initially it was fine, over the last academic year it's got increasingly unstable and the perception we have is that Ricoh appear to be more interested in invoicing and less in actually supporting us and sorting the issues out.

While I don't doubt Equitrac is a fine solution, from our current position it's looking a bit jaded - possibly this is as a result of Ricoh's lack of support for it and us I admit but as a consequence we're considering moving away when the contract is up in February next year.
Will drop you a pm with my work contact details and possible options - if you can send me a pm with all info when you are at work reference

model of copiers, serial numbers of copiers, equitrac type ie office, express or professional ( I am guessing it will be express ) as this is what is generally used in educational enviroments. Along with the exact issues and whats happened / happening and I will try and see if we can get someone out - although I think the normal process is to call the call centre and log a call requesting an equitrac trained engineer to come out and go through all the issues with yourself and sort them out.

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It's not difficult to configure, most important is the firmware but with the newer devices much simpler. If you'd like to quote model numbers I can confirm support.

Copier manufacturers do tend to veer towards one of the software solutions for various reasons, some veer towards Pcounter with their comments and testing also, others to alternative solutions as noted above.
When ever I have logged calls to level 2 for various models of copiers reference p counter and asked around engineers who have attended on site to these sorts of calls ( Could just be down to bad experiences on a few occasions or something ) but they just literally upgrade the copiers firmware and do everything that is required for pcounter and have had no end of head aches / issues getting pcounter to work to start with - you seem to know a lot more about it - with regards to equitrac I log a reasonable amount of calls to level 2 for these which gets resolved as far as I am aware because I have never had the same user call me back and then found out that the call was closed down without being resolved.

Maybe pcounter is totally different now but when I used it back in 2005 ( just software side of it ) in comparison to say paper cut ( paid version ) I found and preffered paper cut, am not sure if paper cut supports ricoh devices or all the details etc as

1. I dont have or use a Ricoh copier at home nor do I have the time to use / setup / configure the different options at work for them ref pcounter, equitrac , paper cut etc

Am not putting pcounter down as I have not had any recent experiences of it reference

1. installing / setting it up / configuring it
2. experience of actually using it currently

It would however be really good if there was a few youtube videos or videos somewhere that went through common trouble shooting / installation / setup issues as well as how to use it etc