...you can create a desktop shortcut that will automatically close any "Not Responding" applications whenever you double-click the shortcut. Here's how to set it up -- it's really easy:

Right click while on your desktop and select "create a new shortcut."

Quotes included, enter the following as the location:

taskkill.exe /f /fi "status eq not responding"

That's it. From here, you can change the icon to make it prettier, or even set a shortcut key if double-clicking is too much work for you. When you launch the shortcut, your computer will automatically identify and terminate any programs that the computer deems "Not Responding." This useful little trick works on Windows XP Pro (but not XP Home), all versions of Vista, and Windows 7...
I have created the shortcut and I am ready to test it but [as luck would have it] I don't have any stalled programs to test it on yet.

Source: Kill Frozen Programs in Windows With a Shortcut