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How do you do....it? Thread, (Physical) Storage Solutions for Hardware and Such in Technical; Honestly, I can't think of much for this one. I've amounted a rather large amount of hardware in a cupboard, ...
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    (Physical) Storage Solutions for Hardware and Such

    Honestly, I can't think of much for this one. I've amounted a rather large amount of hardware in a cupboard, including expansion cards (mainly AGP Graphics Cards and PCI Sound Cards, but that's not important...) as well as a growing pile of hard drives and other nick nacks. I also have a lot of cables and I believe a couple of sets of speakers including an old 4.1 Cambridge Soundworks set. Also, there's 4 or 5 machines in there gathering dust until I get round to doing something with them, as well as a couple of old Noveo 15" flatscreens lacking the stand (they were desk fitted, worst contracted build for a room ever).

    So, Edugeeks of the world, I'd rather like some suggestions on how best to store all this equipment properly and orderly, I've been considering hooks for certain wires and looking at some picking bins but that won't suit me for everything (and I can't find them at a decent price...) so I need some suggestions. There's a few other oddities in there as well, but nothing extremely notable. I'd rather keep everything to said cupboard though, and for reference it's a cupboard of just over 7 1/2 foot and the width of just over the average door. Goes back about 1 metre or so.

    Help? Please?
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