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How do you do....it? Thread, Random Name Generator in Technical; Hello Wondering if someone could help me with a problem. I've got a list of 800 students in Excel, I'm ...
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    Random Name Generator

    Hello Wondering if someone could help me with a problem. I've got a list of 800 students in Excel, I'm trying to find a script or powerpoint that can link to this to be able to use as a random name generator.

    There are a few out there but I don't really want to have to copy and past each name into each powerpoint slide.

    if there someone out there that could help me with this problem be greatly appreciated



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    Can't think how to get this into a PowerPoint to be honest, but on a pure Excel basis it's easy to achieve, and I've attached an example. Simply fill column A with your list of names and every time the spreadsheet recalculates (press F9 to do this on demand) it will show a different name in cell D1.

    Unfortunately if you embed this into a PowerPoint there's no way to get it to recalculate each time, but this might give you something to get started with.
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    Teachers use "The Hat" in some of my schools; not sure if it's exactly what you need though.

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