I have searched the forums and seen some good suggestions for booking (Devizes, MRBS, another thread).

I am limited with what I can implement though. The school uses the Kaleidos Learning Platform, which I think will provide the best place to do this. I will initially only want one piece of equipment available for booking, but eventually for more to be added. I can share an excel or word file from the document library of the LP. A form could be created in a webpart and (I think) linked to a list (that looks like it is controlled by access). I'm not too sure what option to choose though. Use Excel to enable teachers to book equipment, or to figure out how to use the built in access / form webpart combo.

I'm not a technician, just another teacher. If I was to keep this simple for me, I would just share a word document that has a calendar where teachers can put the relevant information. Is there a better way, though, with what is available to me?