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How do you do....it? Thread, Do you use electronic registers or paper? in Technical; Originally Posted by gibbo_ap pars but moving to lesson monitor Have you been drinking?...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gibbo_ap View Post
    pars but moving to lesson monitor
    Have you been drinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom_ View Post
    We use sims, anyone who has issues getting into sims just does a paper register if we don't fix it in time, then the admin staff enter the paper stuff like they used to.
    Same here. Just moved across to SIMS electronic registration. Put a Ruckus wireless system around the school as well to support staff who move between rooms lug less stuff around. Seems to work really well. Paper system as a backup in case staff can't get connected for any reason.

    Give staff a few training sessions on how to use it (about 30 mins each session was more than enough) and also give the first month over as a live trial run. Don't put them under pressure on the first week and they will appreciate that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikpaw View Post

    @Soulfish - i hope you don't mean what you said and each mark is entered into SIMS individually. Please tell me they block fill the column with present marks and just alter any absences. Please please please. You could be sued for causing repetitive strain on the index finger that holds down the '/' key!! :P
    Sorry by entering each mark I meant block filling and then changing absences . Pretty sure she would have killed someone if she had to enter every present mark as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by powdarrmonkey View Post
    You seem to have missed Facility/ePortal from the list...
    Added Serco as I'm a Serco guy

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    We use Lesson Monitor for all registers, AM, PM, every period and it generally works well.

    A few moans to start with but now it's just second nature. SLT drove it hard to begin with which helped. We are about 1440 students inc. 6th form and all years are recorded.

    Every staff member has a laptop which helped as did the introduction of managed site wide wireless.

    The SIMS side of things has never really caused us any issues (touch wood!)

    Having it all in one place is great and it ties into our text system for 1st day contact etc. All in all a resounding success here.

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    We use SIMS Lesson Monitor for lesson registration. All the teachers use it for am/om reg and most of them use it for lessons.

    We are looking at Teachers Web Folders from Bromcom. It is basically a web front end for SIMS. This is due to the teachers moaning about having to load the full SIMS client everytime. They also have an app for the iphone/itouch which we will probably use for PE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom_ View Post
    We use sims, anyone who has issues getting into sims just does a paper register if we don't fix it in time, then the admin staff enter the paper stuff like they used to.

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    My 3 schools all do different things

    1: Electronic register in SIMS. This has worked really well and reduced the burden on the office that used to scan in paper registers (and all the issues that went along with that) and made the registration process significantly more accurate. No real technical issues since I moved from allowing SIMS workstation to update itself to pushing out updates (initially upgrades were failing but pushing out the packages again works fine). I would advise that you get SMT enthusiatic about this beforehand to drive it forward and commit to supporting it via training.

    2: Old fashioned markbooks but moving soon to SIMS electonic reg.

    3: Paper copies from SIMS. For some reason the school is resistant about moving to electronic reg but I am working on it.

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