Hi All,

Been watching these forums for a while but this is my first post, please go easy

I think I'm possibly being paranoid but let's see what you all think.

I work for a company who primarily look after a bunch of primary schools and my job is to visit each of these reguarly for maintenance visits. What I'm seeing is more and more teachers coming away from using their USB sticks and instead using google docs and office live for document storage. Apart from pictures, office type documents make up the majority of files stored on the servers. Projecting 5 years or so into the future - is the future for local file servers in our schools bleak?

I'd like at some point to move to a role in a secondary or college. Currently in our Primary schools we don't use Exchange or Sharepoint etc but I guess secondaries and colleges would. With the future looking more and more cloud based, are Micro$haft Online Services and the like taking the bread and butter away from our jobs?

Please tell me I'm just being paranoid.