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How do you do....it? Thread, Creating Home Folder.. and getting it to map for users in Technical; Originally Posted by dgrams Could this have anything to do with the changes I've been making in AD with my ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgrams View Post
    Could this have anything to do with the changes I've been making in AD with my home folders and why they are not showing up?
    Yes :-)

    That's a really, really critical and relevant bit of info!

    Log onto a machine, goto a command prompt and type:

    set l

    you'll get at least one bit of info - the logonserver. If this isn't DC1 then that's why you're not getting the home directory mapped - servers dc2 and dc3 don't know anything about the new home directories but they're probably still servicing logon requests.

    When you did the "net user" query earlier that won't necessarily contact the logon server (I *think* it tries to contact the machine with the PDC emulator FSMO role; I'd guess this is DC1 which will have the right info).

    I've posted some info in the other thread which might help fix the problems but as a quick check, stop the netlogon service on dc2 and dc3 and then logon to a workstation. This will force you to authenticate against dc1 and I hope that you'll get the home directory!

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    I don't know how helpful this might be but we have a setup similar to the fellow who has a c and d drive on his servers. We have set up the home folder parent folder and have sub folders within for each user and student.
    The way the client gets the home folder added automatically is though the profile tab on the user account properties in active directory. There is a check box where you can choose a network path and drive letter for the home folder.
    I think there are other ways to do this but this has worked nicely for us.

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