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How do you do....it? Thread, Staff Laptops on school and home internet in Technical; Originally Posted by PiqueABoo I accidently did something once that puzzled me for hours, but it was worth it for ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiqueABoo View Post
    I accidently did something once that puzzled me for hours, but it was worth it for the trick I saw in it:

    If it's on a domain and you have a logon script called say "logon.cmd" then add a line in to enable to proxy in the registry, IIRC it's a value somewhere called ProxyEnable so set that to 1 via reg.exe or similar. Make another file called "logon.cmd" turning the proxy off i.e. in this one set ProxyEnable to 0, and throw that in %windir%.

    When you're connected to the domain it runs the logon.cmd from sysvol.
    When you're not connected e.g. at home, it runs the logon.cmd in %windir%.

    This just works for me and you can do other "if connected to the domain do X, otherwise do Y" tricks with it.
    Sounds interesting. I think we may just stick with using local logons instead. Sorry if anybody thinks I've wasted their time, totally not my intention. Many thanks for all the help as I have now learned a couple of things that I didn't know of before.

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    little bat script i have been using for years.

    if someone wants to use their laptop at home they will double click the icon and press 1 for home or 2 for work.

    thought they never press 2 as the gpo applies

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    All people are missing the point in this thread. If you do as the ISP providers do and set up auto proxy discovery either by pac or dat it does not matter if they are in school or at home it works the same way. So you don't need seperate settings for school and home.

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