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How do you do....it? Thread, Polycom PVX Video Conferencing Software in Technical; Hey y'all, Merry New Year and what not! OK, got Polcom PVX Video Conferencing software and it cannot make calls. ...
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    Polycom PVX Video Conferencing Software

    Hey y'all, Merry New Year and what not!

    OK, got Polcom PVX Video Conferencing software and it cannot make calls.

    The machine is on a basic peer - peer network and the internet is provided by CLEO (Cumbria and Lancashire jobby).

    I cannot make calls out to any test numbers... being using 00440200230125002 which is a parrot thingy, but it says: "Your call could not be completed because the call was routed through an intermediate network that does not service the far site".

    A nice man at CLEO happily provided me with a gateway ip address, but I've looked through all the software settings and I haven't got a clue where to put the address! I've put it in a box somewhere so it says that the ip is MY ip now... but don't think that's it!

    There was something called gatekeeper, but it didn't like it when I entered said ip address.

    Does anyone know anything about this software? Or can someone provide me with info on the CLEO settings for VC?



    NB: I only come to this school once a fortnight for 2 hours, so can't try things immediately, but can point the thread to the teacher who;s computer the software is installed on.

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    Have a quick look through this guide, it's probably better then me trying to explain it http://www.cleo.net.uk/getfile.php?s...g+software.pdf It's not the one I followed, but I can't find that one either so I must have filed it away somewhere "safe".

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    I set up a lot of these Polycom stations in my previous job. If you want to give me a ring tomorrow you can get me in the EduGeek office from about 11am tomorrow on 01772 842137 and we shall sort it out. They are quite easy once someone explains it to you.

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