I have to set the scene here because I am sure that any title I came up with would not have adequately described the situation.

1. A student uses notepad to open and edit a text file on a memory stick.

2. This student wants now to save the edited work to the network home drive [U:] Student clicks File/Save As and selects the 'Save In' drop down.

3. The 'Save In' locations are all read only to students except for USB drives [E: and F:] if they are populated and network home drive [U:] Other locations that appear in the drop down: Desktop and R: [Resources and network templates]

4. Notepad detects that some of the 'available' locations are in fact read only and errors not allowing the student to save the work to the network.

The work is not lost and can still be saved back to original location.This will also happen if the original location was the network drive and the desired save location is memory stick.

I have given the Head of ICT a workaround, which is to put the destination drive letter into the file name box when saving. If it is ONLY the drive letter [U:] and does not include the file name the home drive will then be navigable and the file can be saved as normal.

The Head of ICT does not accept this as a resolution and has told me that it is not acceptable.

Has anyone else come up with a novel solution for this little problem?