Hi guys,

We are currently running with netmedias mymail service and have recently installed an exchange server within our school. I have spent several hours going through the admin section looking for the option to download all of the emails for each user but havenít been able to find anything along these lines.

The only method I can come up with is to connect to each account in outlook using the pop3 settings pull down all of the emails in the inbox... export through outlook, connect to the users exchange mail box and then import the emails. This has a few draw backs mainly the inability to pull any emails that have been archived into other folders within mymail.

I have seen other posts about using IMAP but I canít connect to the server to pull down the emails using that method. Also the idea of moving all of the emails into the inbox exporting that and then resorting these emails seems like a whole lot of work that the teachers wonít want to do leaving it to me

Any ideas please?