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How do you do....it? Thread, Why disable right click in Technical; What are peoples reasons for disabling right click especially as it can interfere with the OCR nationals stuff? Ben...
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    Why disable right click

    What are peoples reasons for disabling right click especially as it can interfere with the OCR nationals stuff?


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    Not really answering your question but we don't lock it out.

    Some features are restricted but on the whole I believe that teaching the use of context menus is vitally important so students have access to it. It's an enourmously useful way to operate most software.

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    We use a gpo to restrict it to a couple of rooms, otherwise the sproglets in years 7-9 go crazy and right-click and save every image they come across on the internet. One lad had a collection of motorbike pictures that was in the thousands and another had every picture ever taken of Britney Spears....

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    It's a legacy feature that still exists on our vanilla network for pupils, set in an old group policy.
    Pupils are unable to right click on the desktop or inside an explorer window. Obviously inside applications they can right click etc.

    To be honest, the next time we overhaul policies I think it is a fair contender to be reversed.
    We don't run OCR, but it cuts off useful functionality so sometimes causes minor issues.

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    We have right click enabled but I would rather it were not. I think that it gives too many opportunities to those students are so inclined to 'misbehave'

    I do not think that we can cover every eventuality with an Acceptable Use Policy. A little while ago I spent several days reconstructing the events that led to a student logging on locally and making certain changes to the workstation locally and some network changes also.

    After collecting all of the evidence I overheard the 'guilty' party colluding with another student agreeing terms to share the blame because the second student was only due to be in school for another three weeks [thus the school could not touch him]

    The result: No action was taken against either student.

    This is just one example among many.

    Sometimes I am moved to think: Why bother?

    Still tomorrow is another day.

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