We have a situation which I had thought that I had addressed [but apparently not well enough to satisfy our Head of ICT]

The situation will take a little explaining:

When our students use Notepad to open a text document on our network from a location the are allowed to read/write to they can save back and save as a new file to the same folder or other folders if the navigate using the 'Up' button in Windows Explorer.

The problem arises if they save as and then use the drop down arrow which lists other locations on the network. If an area which is Read Only for the user appears in the drop down list [For example the Desktop when logged on as a student] Notepad will give the user an error and close the save dialog box. Is this the way that Notepad behaves on your networks? I as specifically about Notepad because applications in the Office suite do not behave this way.

I am guessing that as soon as Notepad sees a read only location for one of my restricted users, even though the user has not asked notepad to save to that location yet, it will give this error.

Is this the same for your users?