I've been asked to setup a system for mailing our parents with our weekly newsletter, so far I've got PHPlist installed on our webhost and have around half of our parents subscribed to the list ready to receive the newsletter, now the only thing left to do is sort out the HTML template for the email's... what a PITA that has been so far!

I've followed the general guidelines around on the net including using inline styles(have found a site that converts normal styles to inline ones) and heavy use of tables, I've then had to ensure that the font size is specified along with the font colour and type(obviously). Without being specific about how everything should look the template comes out differently on every client.

Outlook will make text far too small and in my experience gray(why!?) whereas GMail/Hotmail tend to try and center everything. The worst offender I've found so far is Yahoo mail which strips out all <p> tags unless you specify a bottom margin of 1em.

Does anyone else regularly sent out HTML email's and if so could you please share any further tips or advice? so far I've only been testing with Outlook2003, GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail... I presume there are other querky issues with other webmail clients around.