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How do you do....it? Thread, MySite Or similar in Technical; Hi My Head of ICt has asked me if there is a way of a having a personalised webpage for ...
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    MySite Or similar


    My Head of ICt has asked me if there is a way of a having a personalised webpage for each user that login to the school network , Can anyone help me out and tell me if there is some ways of doing this?

    Many thanks

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    Not the same thing but check this out:
    Store and share documents online for free | Microsoft Office Live Workspace

    Useful for collaboration.

    Personalised web pages available for free on the internet, but for something personalised to the school and more controlled you'd want to look for more of a VLE. Sharepoint, Moodle, Frog . . . (where you can have a mysite/mypage etc)

    If you are going that route, you need to plan ahead and consider what direction your school wants to take with regards to your MIS linking to a VLE and other information you'd like to put online.

    The simple answer is yes, you could just host your own pages internally if you wanted, but you wouldn't want the work of showing them how to make one and maintain it.

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    SharePoint would be a way to go to get a personalised view for each person logging in.

    All depends on what type of information you want to personalise. We use sharepoint 2007 to do this and use it as our VLE.

    I’m not sure what you are looking for but you could also write you own web app if you are familiar with PHP or similar.

    It will have to be hosted internally otherwise users will have to logon twice - Once to the computer and then once to the website. Internally you can easily get the logon name of the user to be used in your web app - or easily query AD.

    You could easily do something whereby you use GP to push out a different home page to different groups of people – it all depends on how much work you are looking to put into it.

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    There are also some schools that use WordpressMU to do it instead or use Mahara as an additional tool to Moodle.

    MySites are good but many schools get a tad paranoid because they don't have complete control over every single item that goes into them.

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