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How do you do....it? Thread, Knowledgebase System in Technical; Hiya - I am sure like many of you, I have ended up collecting a plethora of little docs, hints, ...
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    Knowledgebase System

    Hiya -

    I am sure like many of you, I have ended up collecting a plethora of little docs, hints, tips, etc. Regarding the general support of the network I manage. I am talking about local type info stuff here like lists of ip addresses, or what shares should be in place on a particular server, what ports that bizarre bit of geography software needs to punch through the firewall etc.

    At the moment this info is kinda either on email, outlook task list, docs, in my head, on paper etc. And I was having a bit of a think this afternoon (after I couldnt remember something!) that it would good for all these little snippets of info to be a bit more central and organised. Maybe like a wiki of some sort?

    I am on the "don't like" camp of electronic helpdesk systems (not a debate I want to get into), but admit would maybe cover this...

    Just wondered what others did. I guess it is more to assist with a) sharing info between my team and b) reducing reliability on it all being on me.

    It's gotta be quick and easy to implement though. I don't want start information systems development techniques and have to learn a new programming language.

    Don't mind paying for it either, if it is good enough.

    Your thoughts boys and girls?



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    I used to use a wiki. You might also check out RedNotebook, which I maintain in Debian and Ubuntu.

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    I use Best Practical: RTFM: The RT FAQ Manager which is an addon to their RT product (but that would be getting into that discussion )

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    RT for a jobs list, dokuwiki for documentation.

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