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How do you do....it? Thread, Wireless connection for students in Technical; Hi, Currently all students here have no system tray icons or clock, they are disabled through group policy. This is ...
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    Wireless connection for students


    Currently all students here have no system tray icons or clock, they are disabled through group policy.

    This is all good and has been for a couple of years. Problem is, a selected number of students have been allocated laptops to take home for the diploma.
    They need access to their home wireless/internet connections and I have no idea how to give them this without opening too much up or re-enabling the system tray.

    Any ideas?


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    Give them access to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections

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    maybe copy the ncpa.cpl file to somewhere the can get at it, the relax your Group policy to allw them to use it.


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    Hello Nick, I presume it's the same Nick Day I worked with for 2 years??

    We have one or two students who use laptops offsite here, I wrote a seperate slightly more relaxed group policy to allow them to do things like connect to home networks. As long as you ensure the only icons in the system tray are harmless ones there's no harm enabling the system tray.

    Alturnatively you could provide a shortcut to the wireless network by going to control panel, network connections, RH click the relevant network connection and create shortcut. I'm pretty sure providing the laptops are all the same with the same wireless adapter that the same shortcut should work on all of them, although you would need to test this. The shortcut will bring up the wireless properties box as if you'd double clicked the tray icon.

    There's a high chance you'll have to make some GPO adjustments anyway to allow students access to the properties of network connections in order to allow this to work properly.


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