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How do you do....it? Thread, How do you...set up printing from a mobile trolley? in Technical; Hello all, I have a laptop trolley which currently has a Colour Laser printer attached to it. The problem is ...
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    How do you...set up printing from a mobile trolley?

    Hello all,

    I have a laptop trolley which currently has a Colour Laser printer attached to it. The problem is when this printer gets disconnected it goes offline at the server end and then when re-attached it doesn't come back online until i manually restart the Spooler service.

    Now i was looking at an alternative setup. Each classroom now has a mono laser. I was wondering how i could get the laptops to print to these printers depending on which room the trolley is in. So say one room is called G01 and the laptop trolley rolls in. How could i get the laptops to print to G01-laser-printer, and to G02-laser-printer when it rolls into classroom G02.

    Sorry for the longish description. Just couldn't find the right words to describe it so a hundred would do

    Oh and this is a Primary School so it does need to be a relatively simple process.


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    I think you are going to need some sort of application to tell the computer where you are. Maybe a dialogue box with a number of buttons... click the relevant button and the printer(s) get mapped.

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    This doesn't answer your question but may solve your initial problem.

    We had a similar problem with our laptop trolley printers.

    I seem to remember that we solved it by changing the port on the print server from the HP generated one to a standard TCP/IP port.

    It seems to recognise the printer being off line better so that any documents sent to the printer when it is disconnected are queued and print out when it is reconnected. With the HP port it didn't correctly recognise the printer as being off line and tried to send the document which jammed the print queue

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