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How do you do....it? Thread, Promethean Pens in Technical; Can some one give me a little info on these pens please. We have quite a lot of Promethean boards ...
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    Promethean Pens

    Can some one give me a little info on these pens please. We have quite a lot of Promethean boards now and some are coming up to around 2-3 years old. I have had to replace one pen, (we keep ac couple in stock in case of loss or theft)

    The pen does no longer work with the board. i have taken the new one over and it works fine. Why or how do these pens become faulty? Is there a battery inside them?

    Any advice please.

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    Re: Promethean Pens

    There is no battery in them they work of the magnetic field created as they move over the board.

    You're lucky you've only had to replace one our users normally knacker the nibs longs before anything else. As all boards are supplied with 2 I always squirell one away.

    So you can throw it out.

    May be worth considering the activ wands when you need to buy replacements get one for staff to try out we now have half a dozen of them.


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    Re: Promethean Pens

    I have got a wand , and I think its a good product, and seems to be good for web browsing and general clicking in Powerpoints. Time will tell how popular it would be

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