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How do you do....it? Thread, Adobe Flash Player - CC3 in Technical; Hi, I have adobe Flash player 9 allocated to our client machines. I would like to upgrade this to the ...
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    Adobe Flash Player - CC3


    I have adobe Flash player 9 allocated to our client machines.

    I would like to upgrade this to the latest release.

    I have been sent to .MSI's from adobe, so would like to know how to install this in CC3.

    I hear this package can be difficult to allocate, so any help would be great.


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    Depending upon whether the original Flash Player 9 package comes off 'cleanly' it should just be a case of allocating the MSI (jump through the RM Application Wizard hoops / cheat by doing it yourself) out to the machines after deallocating the old one.

    My advice would be to take a single machine, log onto it as an administrator and 'uninstall' the current Flash Player 9 and see if it comes off cleanly without any errors (check event viewer) and if so then right click install on your new MSI/package and see if it installs cleanly (again check the event viewer) and then nip online and see if the change is good.

    Depending upon which level Flash Player 9 is allocated you may be able to deallocate it from a small set of workstations and test the deployment of the new version into those solely but if its allocated at Main Site it won't work without some allocations further down which is a little messy.

    Hope this gives you some thinking space.

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