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How do you do....it? Thread, Clustered SAN in Technical; Originally Posted by lucasmocellin I also think mirrored disks are better for this situation You looked at using RAID 10? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucasmocellin View Post
    I also think mirrored disks are better for this situation
    You looked at using RAID 10? I'm just purchasing some servers now to be virtual hosts with local storage and that's the way I'm going.

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    i wanted to go down the clustered SAN route, but didn't have the money.
    If I did have the money I'd have gone with two storage servers with Windows Storage Server on or Server 2008 R2 with Starwind Server iSCSI targets that do support clustered environments.
    Link the servers with 10gb (or even bonded 10gb) LAN connections (possibly even 10gb fibre to host one SAN in a different building to meet disaster recovery requirements - along with possibly one or more 2008 R2 cluster servers hosting Hyper-V)

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    OK, there is an easy way to achieve this, but it's not that cheap.

    Starwind HA Enterprise Edition will do this very fast and very reliably from a Windows based OS, I've been using it for years and can vouch for it.

    iSCSI SAN Software and Storage Virtualization Solutions

    They might do you an education discount.

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