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How do you do....it? Thread, Handover Documents in Technical; I was thinking the other day that I really ought to get together a "handover document" so that if I ...
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    Handover Documents

    I was thinking the other day that I really ought to get together a "handover document" so that if I ever won the lottery (or - more likely - got hit by a bus) there would be documentation for anyone who took over. As one of my schools is shut most of the hols and I probably have most of the data on my laptop, I thought that it might be a job I could do.

    Can anyone add to the following list:

    Passwords - as many as possible (Admin/Teacher/Staff/Pupil/SIMS/Email)
    Inventory list, preferably with map!
    List of any system "quirks"/odd setups
    Software license list/folder
    Installation key list

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    Off the top of my head:

    Network topology
    Static IPs
    ACLs on network kit
    Where device configs are backed up
    Who has access to what
    Passwords should be "all" that are yours to hand over (i.e complex switch passwords), but I'd do the "brand new account with the necessary permissions to change other passwords" in an envelope for the new person. It's slightly paranoid, but it ensures everything done by the new person is done under the new persons credentials and not blamed on you.
    Where the replacement widgits for X are kept.
    Contacts at county / local schools / RBC / suppliers & service providers etc
    Important dates (when licences need renewing by, when SSL certs need renewing (websites, local certs for EFS/wireless auth etc).
    Examples of standard laptop / desktop builds and the usual necessary changes
    Who has what hardware? i.e teacher A has a HP nx6110, serial number X, warranty until Y.
    Basic overview of hardware - i.e ServerA provides DHCP in the range $foo to $bar, DNS and AD. ServerB provides Antivirus, WDS, WSUS etc.

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