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How do you do....it? Thread, Fellow Network Manager[s] in Technical; Things have changed here of late and I have been asked to identify a fellow Network Manager/Fellow Network Managers who ...
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    Fellow Network Manager[s]

    Things have changed here of late and I have been asked to identify a fellow Network Manager/Fellow Network Managers who will be contactable when we have an issue which is proving to be a little knotty and reluctant to go away. I have informed senior staff that I am a member of this [and a few other IT forums] but i think that they feel that this is not sufficient as they want the contact to be a litttle more familiar [?] with our setup so that ideas can be exchanged more readily. A reciprocal arrangement is expected [where I can be contacted if there are issues at your site]

    Until a couple of years ago I used to regularly attend an informal session once a week at the headquarters of our support company but they have retrenced and are now concentrating on training [mostly for teachers]

    So here are my questions:

    Does anyone else do this?
    Does anyone know of anything similar going on somewhere? If so where?

    I have to show some movement of this issue by the end of the holiday otherwise I will miss one of my targets [some missed already ]

    Any ideas gratefully recieved.

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    We do, but it's very easy for us since share a campus and 6th form with another school.

    Just start phoning other schools in your area. If you've got schools support people at the LEA it might also be worth giving them a call.

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    Im the Network Manager of a school in the Tafford Council LEA and here all the Network Managers setup a technical forum where all the schools meet up once or twice a term to discuss issues and problems, then we all have each others contact details incase we need to ask anybody any questions etc... This works really well as it brings all the schools together to discuess ideas etc..

    Hope that helps


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    Hi DaveP,

    There's a group of NM's / Techs here in West Norfolk that get together about once every 2 months for 2 hours to discuss everything that's going on in ICT. As long as there are flapjacks and tea / coffee people will come.

    This started out as the Opportunities West Norfolk group that was designed to do the technical stuff for our LP+ (Sharepoint) VLE. It then grew (mutated???) into a Technical Platfrom meeting with a representative or two from Norfolk ICT Solutions. These guys kept us informed of all the movements inside ICT Solutions and what projects / meetings / innovations where taking place and where they / we are with them.

    It also allowed another group of us to get together out of hours for a more social time. We've now managed to have a tour each others facilities and schools, a few meals together, collaborate on ideas and get suppliers in to help showcase stuff (Ruckus Wireless).

    So perhaps it might be worth getting some emails out to nearby schools and see who would be interested in attending a preliminary meeting and hold it at yours with nibbles and caffeine laid on and see how it goes from there.

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