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How do you do....it? Thread, Ghosting Disk in Technical; Hi Everybody, I travel to a lot of different schools working for my company, they all have the same basic ...
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    Ghosting Disk

    Hi Everybody,

    I travel to a lot of different schools working for my company, they all have the same basic network design, 5 - 10 servers depending on the size of the school and their requirements / budget, we keep the networks same so that anybody from our company can go to any site and work there pretty easily!

    The only difference is with the Ghost share, we dont have a standard for that so we always have to spend ages trying to find which server it is on. So I thought to myself yesterday, why don't I just write a script that will search for the ghost share, connect to that share and start ghost for me.

    I use a netbook disk from NetBootDisk.com - The Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk for M$ Networks, using this you can specifiy menu preferences for TCP/IP and such like. You can also specifiy a Logon file that will run when contct has been made with the network and a IP has been assigned succesfully, this is where I plan to place my script to search for the Ghost share and connect it for me.

    I've tried the script and it works a treat so I figue you guys might want to use it as well? It's fairly simple but saves a bit of time if you are ever in the situation I am in sometimes.
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    could you not find out in each school then fake up a dns entry so your pcs think there is a pc ghost ghost with a ghost$ share on it?

    these days i use vista pe and create wim files i place on an 03sp2/08 box and boot pcs off the network using wds to get to ghost can be a bit of a pain adding drivers but usually not that bad and it means i dont have to carry a floppy(drive)/cd/boootable pen stick round with me

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