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How do you do....it? Thread, Setting up new batch of teacher laptops in Technical; Something to read PDFs ? sumatra or foxit i'd go for, much less bloat than adobe....
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    Something to read PDFs ? sumatra or foxit i'd go for, much less bloat than adobe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    Connecting to home internet - staff seem to change the settings to match there home IP range (not via DHCP, but static addresses),
    On who's advice, the ISP's? My advice to any teachers is that they are never to put a CD provided by an ISP into they machine without either putting a least three deep scratches from hub to rim on the lable side or at least 15 seconds in the microwave
    The other problem along these lines is changing proxy settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewL View Post
    Personally I wouldnt recommend Google Earth, we banned it due to bandwith getting eaten up and it wasnt needed for work purposes.
    It's obviously not needed for some people but I know a good few geography people who find it extremely useful.

    It can be abused just like almost anything you can put on a computer; I think we need to give people a reasonable set of tools and then deal with those who misuse them.

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    If they do take these laptops out of school i would whack on Truecrypt full hard disk encryption to ensure that any sensitive data is not lost if they save it on the laptop and take it off site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    I honestly do not care if they dont have the internet access on the SCHOOL laptop at home, as it is SCHOOL equipment and should not be altered in any which way.
    You can't expect professionals in 2009 to work without access to the net. Why bother giving teachers a computer at all? Like it or not, IT staff and systems are there to support teaching (and therefore teachers) and not vice versa. What you should care about is being able to set up computers so that they are as useful as possible to the people using them, and posters above have given some ideas on how to do it.

    As for causing a lot of work - just make a rule that if a teacher needs you to fix something the computer gets re-imaged. Works in our school.
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