Hi all, since I took ownership of my own Acer Aspire One courtesy of the offer that we did via the outlet I decided (almost immediately) to ditch the default Linux Install and go straight for a nice Windows 7 setup. Now when you install W7 it pretty much install all of the drivers by default, unfortunately some of these are a bit iffy and I had experienced quite a few crashes\lock ups when I had an SD card inserted. Not to be deterred I went out and obtained the correct manufacturers drivers for W7 which have improved things no end. So without further ado, here they are with links

Video - Intel GMA 950 (Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset) - Download Search Results!

Chipset - Confirm Download

Card Reader - Jmicron Jmb38x- ftp://driver.jmicron.com.tw/jmb38x/X...00.29_WHQL.zip

Sound -Realtek High Definition - Realtek

All other drivers that W7 installs should be fine. Please note that as for memory expansion you can only add an extra 1GB SODIMM module as there is 512MB already fixed to the motherboard, and the system will refuse to start if there is more than 2GB fitted as I found out repeatedly this weekend. A guide to stripping down the Aspire One can be found here: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EfzckyZMTk"]YouTube - Acer Aspire One Memory Upgrading[/ame]
So far my Aspire One is ticking over very nicely with W7 and Office 2007, and what a bargain